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Liquid Leather allows you to easily refurbish leather and vinyl from your own home! It quickly repairs cracks, scratches, snags, tears, and cuts on leather and vinyl surfaces in a durable manner. It returns your sofas and cracked car seats to their original condition.

Enjoy professional-quality restoration without having to spend money on very expensive repair shops!

Our recommendations:

1 TUBE = Alterations, slight wear on a small area

4 TUBES (RECOMMENDED) = Armchair, car seat, damaged in several moderately large areas

10 TUBES = Sofas or complete car upholstery rather very damaged

Use the color that most closely matches the color of the part to be repaired. BELINO-CUIR liquid leather for repair is a repair product and not a dye. It may therefore be necessary to use a paint or stain for leather and vinyl for an optimal rendering.

If you cannot find a matching color for your leather or vinyl, use the color NEUTRAL. The NEUTRAL color contains a white tint for the repair to be perfect. It may therefore be necessary to use a paint for leather and vinyl for an optimal rendering.

You will find our range of leather paints here: our BELINO leather and vinyl paints


1. Clean and degrease the surface to be repaired

2. Apply the liquid leather with a spatula, spreading it evenly

3. Wait for the surface to dry or use a hair dryer

4. The repair is complete!

Results vary.

For optimal rendering, once the repair is complete, you can apply our BELINO leather and vinyl paints.

For large tears or cracks, we recommend that you repeat step 2 and 3 several times for optimal results.

If you wish to re-color your leather after this repair, we recommend that you lightly level the repair area using 2000 grit sandpaper before applying the color.

20ml tube. Surface re-coloring after application may be necessary to unify the restoration of your surfaces.


Color A is Black,

Color B is White,

Color C is Beige,

Color D is Coffee,

Color E is Brown,

Color F is Blue,

Color G is Red,

Color H is Grey,

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